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GM - Brian Lieberman

My love for fitness came at a young age when I started in martial arts. I fought MMA for several years in New Jersey. Started with raw as a client in 2012. Loved the "family feel" of raw and knew I wanted to be involved. Hometown: West Orange, NJ

Piece of advice for challengers: don't ever give up! Some days will be harder than others, but the results will come if you put in the work!

Something they might not know about me....I was a chef for 12 yrs, before becoming a trainer.

Michael Krider

Nick Name: Magic Mike
Hometown: Queens, New York
Fitness Background: Ran track and played Football from an early age into adulthood. Always been an advocate of health and fitness. Former U.S. MARINE. NASM Certified personal trainer and Fitness nutrition specialist.
Favorite workout/how I stay in shape: Bicep Curls... Stay in shape by weight training, cardio and healthy diet.
Favorite quote: "EAZY", "The workout doesn't start until you feel the BURN", "work hard while you're here, you can rest when you get home”
Cool thing about me: I have 2 awesome daughters and a pink teacup Yorkie.
Advice: Enjoy the process, stay consistent, follow the instructions and you will get results.

Rissa Georges

Nicknames: Rissa
Hometown: Born and raised in Vegas
Fitness background: Was overweight my entire life, and then I found kickboxing. Started teaching a year after I started, and that is when I fell in love with fitness. I truly love Raw, what it stands for and all we are doing to change lives!
Favorite saying: But did you die?! YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!
Fun or funny fact about you: I am super shy and quiet when I'm not on the floor demanding more burpees :))
Small bit of advice for new challengers: Take it one day at a time, one workout at a time! Make small goals and crush them! You will NOT be stopped!

Keith Bonovitch

I've been a personal and group fitness trainer for about 3 and a half years now and I haven't "worked" a day since. I love what I do; the atmosphere, the energy and most of all the people, watching them grow and crush their goals. Outside of the gym I enjoy hanging with my rug rats and triathlon training. This summer I'll be competing in my 2nd full Ironman event, 140.6 miles of bad assedness!

"If it's literally too easy, you're not pushing hard enough. It's only when you feel like quitting do you tell yourself TOO EASY!"

Keagan Dickson

My name is Keagan Dickinson, I am 21 years old. Currently a trainer at Raw fitness and I love my job. I've been a trainer there for almost a year, however I have trained at Raw since I was 18 years old. Lisa Maloy was the trainer who prepared me for boot camp and then ignited my passion for training. I am extremely fortunate to be with this amazing group of people where I've learned so much from them.

Chris Jackson

Hi my name is Chris Jackson. Born in the Philippines and raised in Vegas since 87. Played football, ice and roller hockey, basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. Graduated from Chaparral HS in 2001. Right after HS I started working in the Physical Therapy field as a PT Tech. Went back to school for Massage Therapy and graduated from High Tech Institute in 2004 with an Associate of Science degree. Ended up staying in the PT field for 14 years and that's when I found Raw. Through the years I was in decent shape then I let myself go. Found Raw and it changed my life. The 20in6 was the kick start I needed back to happiness. Since my challenge in down 51lbs. During my challenge I thought it would be awesome to be a trainer at Raw Fitness. Dreams do come true. Got my personal training certification and the dream became reality. Nowadays besides still playing sports for fun, I'm doing Spartan races, fun 5k runs, and half marathons.

Sayings I like to say #nothingcrazy #easyday #saveyourknessforhome

Cass Clingen

  • Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Personal Trainer - International Sports Sciences Association
  • Certified Personal Trainer - Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • First Aid, CPR/AED

I grew up in Los Angeles, California and my fondest memories come from playing sports. From an early age I experienced first-hand the direct association between sports, fitness and personal satisfaction. And from a young age I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in health and fitness. Fitness is my passion, it is something that I love doing. My greatest satisfaction comes from having a positive impact on people’s lives and seeing their health and confidence grow. I have a great attitude, love having fun in class but also push our members to work hard so they can achieve their goals. I'm always telling them that it doesn't come easy you got to put in the work! I've been a trainer at Raw for a little over two years now and have enjoyed EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

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